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What is Gynecomastia Surgery in Bathinda?

Gynecomastia surgery in Bathinda is a benign enlargement of the breast tissue in males. It is also called as man boobs or “Moobs”. It can be a just little conical protrusion called puffy nipple to fully developed breast like a female, to severely enlarged gynaecomastia. Mostly it is bilateral (both sides) but can be unilateral (single side)
The feel of having a feminine look might disrupt one’s self-esteem. It often put one in a very embarrassing situation and can harm the quality of life. One cannot wear his choice of clothes like T-Shirts and feels embarrassed while going for swimming or going to a beach. But now there is no need to feel so as we help you to get rid of your Man Boobs with the latest Liposuction technique. It gives painless as well as scarless recovery. Gynaecomastia is the commonest Cosmetic Surgery performed by Dr Saurabh Gupta and he tries to give you the best shape of your chest. When combined with gland excision, it is practically permanent solution .

gynecomastia surgery


Time Required

60-90 Mins


Local Anesthesia

Pain Level


Hospital Stay



1-2 Days

Success Rate

Very High

Gynaecomastia surgery cost

INR 45000 TO 100000 approx

(revision surgery may cost more)

Who is a candidate for Gynecomastia Surgery / Male Breast Surgery?

  • Have large breasts and are not comfortable with taking off their shirt and enjoying swimming or a beach holiday.
  • Have Gynecomastia from grade 1 to grade 3 depending upon projection and Ptosis of breast tissue.
  • Have sagging breasts after losing a large amount of weight. (Chest Surgery for males after Massive Weight Loss differs from routine male Gynecomastia Surgery, as here we need to Excise Extra Skin in addition to removal of Breast ).
  • Have with Puffy Nipples or sometimes Projected nipples also opt for corrective Gynecomastia Treatment.
  • Even in absence of Gynecomastia want to improve their chest contours.


You may experience slight discomfort and some tightness on your chest for 3-4 days after your surgery. However, it is very mild and easily managed with the appropriate medication.
There might be bruising and swelling after surgery that should subside in 3-6 weeks.
One can resume an office job in a day or 2. Can drive in 3 to 4 days . Cardio like activity after a week and gym can be started after 2 weeks’ time
You will be wearing an elastic/compression garment for 8-12 weeks post surgery
Compression garment helps the skin to contract and give you a nice shape


Although is a very safe surgery and very rarely any complication is encountered Still, rarely bleeding, infection, Irregularity, asymmetry of shape, crater deformity may occur.