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Hair transplant Surgeon in Bathinda

Hair transplant in Bathinda is state of art surgery performed by experienced surgeons and hair experts to achieve completely natural and long lasting results. In these techniques with the help of specialized techniques and instruments individual hair follicles are moved from a part of the body called the ‘donor site’ to another part of the body known as the ‘recipient site’. Where donor area is the area of body that has sufficient hair growth and recipient area is bald areas of the head scalp.

In almost all cases the donor area is an area with permanent hair growth like back or sides of the scalp. In hair transplantation, the hairs follicles are extracted from this areas and transplanted to bald areas that is mainly the front, top, or the crown of the scalp.
When performed at some specialized hair transplant Dr. Saurabh Clinic a state-of-the-art surgery is performed with 100% results in Bathinda. It is because of the fact that our clinic has been in this field from years and has been performing this transplantation technique with excellence. We perform best hair transplant in Dr. Saurabh Gupta Clinic with best doctors.
hair transplant surgery

Why Choose Us Hair Transplant clinic in Bathinda?

One should go for a hair transplant clinic in Bathinda because:

  • Hair transplantation at our clinic is only performed by experienced and specialized doctors.
  • We have all necessary tools and upgraded technology that is required to provide best surgeries.
    With our transplantation you can get 100 % natural and permanent results.
  • Your care is our priority and thus each procedure is carried out with utmost care and safety.
  • Our team work to achieve what is been desired from the transplantation.
  • We have specialized clinic with best infrastructure, extra supportive team, advanced technology and board certified doctors.


While considering hair transplantation as the solution for hair loss, FUE hair transplant is the best hair transplant surgery in Bathinda procedure which can give best and assured hair transplant results. It is because this is the most advanced technique that uses best approaches for permanent and life long hair results and when a hair loss patient go for FUE hair transplant in Dr. Saurabh Clinic it becomes more trustworthy as there are experienced doctors and advanced technologies available at the clinic for performing FUE.
In FUE the patient is firstly prepared for the procedure. Then the donor area is prepared and shaved, after which hair follicles are removed one after the other from the back and/or side of the head scalp using a round cutting instrument known as punches.The area is left with small dots to recover. After the preparation of grafts the recipient area is prepared. The surgeon then cleans and numbs the recipient area and then small holes are made with the help of scalpel or needle and then each graft is placed delicately into each hole with the help of planters. Later in few weeks or months hair will starts to grow.

Procedure of FUE

1 Preparation
All processes are completed for the procedure and patient is made comfortable at the clinic.
2 Donor Area
Donor area is washed and shaved to start the procedure.
3 Extraction
Local anesthesia is applied to the donor area and grafts are extracted one after the other using punches.
4 Implantation
Recipient area is prepared with local anesthesia and grafts are then placed with planters in magnified vision.
5 Completion
After the procedure is completed and patient is prepared to return home.

procedure of fue

Advantages of FUE

  • FUE ensures natural and permanent hair results.
  • It is an advanced procedure when compared to other existing procedure.
  • There is no need of incision and thus it does not leave behind any sort of scars or stitches.
  • With FUE post surgical pain and discomfort is minimized.
  • Time involved in healing process is comparatively less.
  • Finer hair can be identified and selected for filling the desired hair line.


Hair is very essential in defining the looks and personality of an individual. This is the reason why people worry when they notice excess hair fall. Losing of hair to some extent is normal but when this increases it becomes a reason for distress in men and women. Hair loss disturbs male and female equally and they search for the solution. The solution to hair loss can be PRP.


It might seem strange, but yes, the technique can be used sequentially. PRP makes grafted hair stronger and better. They help new follicles to survive better, which leads to new hair growth. PRP injections are also known to help prevent and treat hair loss, which is beneficial for the entire scalp, for whom no transplant procedures have been performed.

PRP for hair transplantation:
The use of PRP during the hair transplantation process is feasible at various levels:
Strengthening poor donors and areas that are not transplanted
Increasing the transplanted graft yield rate
Reducing the transactional graft rate
Healing donor and recipient areas.
Use of calcium chloride and thrombin are usually to activate PRP in many cases before bathing the treated area. In this way, growth factors increase the yield of newly transplanted follicles.

Advantages of PRP after Hair Transplant in Bathinda:

The benefits of using PRP to promote hair healing and hair growth after hair transplantation focuses on three functional applications:
Maintaining and increasing the viability of hair follicles during and after hair transplantation
Promote and enhance repairing of tissue and healing process after hair transplantation
To strengthen inactive hair follicles and to stimulate new hair growth.
PRP is effective hair loss treatment and it has acted as a permanent solution for many with excessive hair fall. PRP reacts as a proactive therapeutic option for both male and female patients who wish to get stimulation of hair growth for typical hair loss conditions. It is a natural process that yield best results in several cases and when a patient go for PRP Hair Treatment in Dr. Saurabh Clinic it is sure that he will get desired results.
PRP is non surgical therapeutic option that achieves stimulation of hair growth for hair loss conditions with one’s own blood. In PRP the doctor takes little blood and then to obtain PRP, patient’s blood is spun in a centrifuge. In a centrifuge solid part of blood is separated from liquid components so as to obtain the enriched cells or platelets (PRP). This highly concentrated Platelet Rich Plasma or PRP with essential growth proteins is injected into the areas to be treated using a special micro needle. The PRP treatment works on the fact that blood plasma (PRP) contains active growth factors which can promote hair growth. When this PRP is inserted into the recipient area, it promotes blood vessel growth and helps in formation of new cellular growth of hairs.
prp therapy process

PRP therapy in Dr Saurabh Gupta Clinic

PRP therapy in Dr. Saurabh Clinic is performed by specialized doctor with advanced technology.
With Avenues PRP you can slow or reverse the signs of aging and hair loss.
Other than head scalp PRP at Avenues is also performed to treat hair loss at areas such as eyes cheeks, mouth and forehead.
PRP treatment in Dr. Saurabh Clinic, Avenues has been successful in yielding effective results from last many years.
Advantages of PRP

1 PRP is simple procedure that does not involve any surgery, incisions or healing.
2 The recovery period involved in PRP is very less.
3 It is safe and reliable procedure.
4 With PRP natural looking end results can be ensured.
5 It promotes faster natural hair follicle stimulation that helps in hair growth.
6 PRP can be used to promote hair growth in areas where laser and other technologies cannot be used.
Suitable Patient For PRP Hair Treatment
Hair loss patient with early phases of male pattern baldness.
Hair loss patient with thin hair growth.
Hair loss patient who would prefer not to go for strategies like hair transplant.
Hair loss patient with diseases like Alopecia.
Hair loss patient who want to achieve full growth in their hairs.


Hair Transplantation Cost in Dr. Saurabh Clinic
Hair transplant is best and appropriate solution for hair loss problem. When a hair loss patient is concerned about best hair transplant results he consults a hair doctor at some specialized clinic. Every transplantation has its cost associated with it which may differ with patient to patient but hair transplant cost in Dr. Saurabh Clinic Avenues clinic is affordable.
hair transplant solution


pain medications

You may need to take pain medications for few days. We give you to wear a surgical dressing over the scalp for at least a day or two. We also prescribe antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drug to be taken for around 5 days following surgery. Most people are able to return to work the next day after surgery.

hair transplant

Within two to three weeks after surgery, the transplanted hair will fall out, but you should start to notice new growth within a few months. Some surgeons prescribe the hair-growing drug minoxidil to improve hair growth following transplantation.

1 After The Surgery
The surgery do involve recovery period. For recovering from the surgery, surgical dressing is often applied by the surgeon over the scalp. A hair loss patient needs to wear this dressing for at least 2 days after the surgery. Though a patient may return to normal routine within a day or two after the surgery still he may not be able to return to heavy exercises or physical activities for few more weeks after the surgery. For fast recovery instructions must be strictly followed.
2 Recovery Time
Results of hair transplantation may vary with patient to patient but usually results may take few months. In about two or three weeks after the surgery the transplanted hair starts falling and after three months new hair may start to grow. In about 6 months you may notice 80 % hair growth at areas where transplantation was carried out. Full results may take about 8 to 12 months but visible results can be noticed in few months after the hair transplantation itself.
3 Medication
Though surgery is performed under local anesthesia but in some cases several mediations are suggested for easy and fast recovery. When pain is felt after the surgery the patient is suggested to take pain killer for few days after the surgery. Several doctors also suggest minodixl as it ensures to growth of hairs after the surgery. Often antibiotics are suggested to avoid swelling and infection at incision. Anti inflammatory drug are also prescribed to be taken after the surgery.
4 Outcomes
Hair transplantation has proved to be successful in almost all the cases and thus you can expect the same. Once you are done with the procedure you need to wait for few months for desirable outcome because there is an expected recovery time involved after the procedure but soon you will notice visible hair growth at the area of transplantation. After this you get hairs that will improve your appearance and self confidence.

Instruction Before Surgery

Complete Hemogram
Bleeding time, Clotting time and INR
Blood Urea and Serum Creatinine
HIV(1 and 2)
Liver Function Test
Thyroid Function Test
ECG (With Interpretation by MD Physician/ Cardiologist)
Fitness Certificate From Physician (MD Medicine) For Hair Transplant Surgery Under Local Anaesthesia with Adrenaline on Day Care Basis.
Health & Medicine
Medications: kindly inform us you are using any blood thinning medications like Asprine or Ibubrufen, Betablockers (Bptablets), any Antidepressants.
Kindly inform us if you are having any Medical Problem/Previous Surgeries.
Stop smoking 3 days before the procedure.
Stop the use of alcohol 1 day before the procedure.
1. Do not apply oil or gel on the day of the procedure.
2. If you are wearing a wig kindly take it off after the hair wash.
3. You need not come on a empty stomach, have a light breakfast.
4. Do not wear a T-shirt for the procedure. Kindly come in a shirt.
5. We recommend that you do not drive home after the procedure. Kindly make arrangement for the some.
Patient Care

1 Accommodation
If you are coming from far, we can arrangements for you stay in nearby hotels. Kindly contact us well in advance if you need an accommodation.

2 Live Result
Do you want to meet any of our prior operated Patients? You will have to come for consultation and you can make arrangement for the same.

3 Relax
Relax! It is a day care procedure. We usually start in the morning and finish by afternoon. During the procedure we give you a number of breaks for refreshing of food. Most of the pts fall asleep during the procedure.

On the morning prior to your scheduled procedure kindly wash your hair first with Betadive scrub then use a shampoo after the scrub. Repeat the same on the morning the procedure. Kindly wear a cap while travelling to the clinic keep your hair free of dust.
We need an advance payment of Rs.5000/- to book the surgery. No date will be confirmed without advance. Balance full payment to be paid before surgery.

Hair Transplant Surgery Pre-Operative Instructions

hair transplant  step

Hair transplantation have been a successful methodology in yielding successful results for hair loss patient and thus to operate for the surgery there are certain set of principles and instructions that must be followed by the hair loss patient so that a hair expert can perform with maximum efficiency without harming a patient in any means. One must always follow the suggested Pre-operative instructions for better results from the surgery.
When hair transplant is performed by hair expert of hair clinic in Dr. Saurabh Clinic, Avenues he suggest true Pre operative instructions that are essential to follow prior to the surgery, ignoring of which can lead to severe complications from the surgery.
There are some important Pre operative instructions that are suggested by hair specialist doctor in Dr. Saurabh Clinic. This must be followed in preceding weeks of the hair surgery. These are:
Avoid smoking for about 24 hours before the surgery day.
Do not drink any type of alcohol 3 days preceding to your surgery.
Do not take any drug that contains aspirin.
Do not go for hair cut for at least few weeks prior to surgery so that about 2 – 3 cm hairs is present at the donor area for hair transplantation.
Do not use any sort of Regaine, 1 week before the surgery.
Stop use of doses like minoxidil before 1 week of surgery if you take any.
Complete all the formalities and payment before the surgery day itself.
In order to prepare yourself for best results from the procedure follow this procedure on the day of the hair transplant in Bathinda:
Do keep your scalp clean such that it must not have any sort of spray, lotion or oil prior to surgery.
Do wash your hair properly with a normal shampoo.
Take proper breakfast on the morning of the surgery.
Do come on time or before time in the clinic for the surgery.
Try to wear easy to remove shirt or clothing which does not disturb hairs. Do not wear T-shirt.
Do take proper sleep before the surgery.
You may not return back home by yourself after the surgery so do arrange someone to pick you up immediately after the surgery. Avoid self drive after the surgery.

Sometimes in several cases several medications are to be suggested by the doctor to some hair loss patients. These medicines are for faster growth and should not be avoided if suggested by your hair expert. You must also not take these medicines without a prescription from your doctor. This medication may include:
Minoxidil – As a lotion to be taken before the surgery at the recipient area.
Prednisolone – As a tablet for preventing forehead oedema.
Augmentin – As an Antibiotic doses in the tablet form to avoid any sort of infection.
Massage Of The Head Scalp:

It is essential that the patient continuous to take head massage for at least the week preceding the surgery. This helps in maintaining the skin elasticity and it also facilitate easy hair transplantation. It is more beneficial to take 10 to 30 minutes scalp massage 2 4 weeks prior so that it softens your skin in the area where transplantation has to be carried out. When you go for massage prior to the surgery it will facilitate easy removal of skin or hair follicles. Also this will reduce your stress and tension level so you may relax during the procedure. This also helps in healing as you will be calm during the scars and stitching process.


When proper Pre operative instructions are followed by the patient before hair transplant surgery then it is sure that patient will be able to receive Best Hair Transplant in Dr. Saurabh Clinic, Avenues. Also when you are prepared as per the instruction of the hair expert he will be able to perform every process more efficiently and